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How to Argue Like a Pro

Have you ever noticed that just about everyone has an opinion, and they are willing to stick up for that…

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“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” (Proverbs 22:28) What is a landmark? Webster’s 1828 dictionary gives…

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College 101: How to Ace Your First Semester

After giving my family a good-bye hug I returned to my dorm room a little nervous and very excited to…

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How to Be the Right Kind of Leader

Ok, so I’m kind of a nerd and like to listen to podcasts.  Recently, I stumbled across a podcast title…

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Ideal Influencers: William Borden (Part 3)

Have you ever read about some great Christian of the past and thought — How is this guy even human!?…

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What’s the Next Step?

Reading the book of Esther, we learn about an obedient, Jewish young lady, raised by her cousin, and called to…

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Ideal Influencers: William Borden (Part 2)

William Borden influenced thousands of people to step forward for God. That’s what the ideal influencer does — lead others…

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For God and Country

Today’s article is a little bit more serious in nature, but in light of the recent holiday is a good…

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Ideal Influencers: William Borden (Part 1)

What would you think about a missionary who never made it to the mission field? Could he be a success?…

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Little Things

Looking down at my cell phone for the third time in about five minutes, I saw a local telephone number…