• Practical, In-Person Pastoral Training
  • Credit for Life & Ministry Experience
  • Personalized One/Two Year Programs
  • Low Tuition Costs
  • Assistance for Ministry Placement

Has God called you to serve as a Pastor?
We can help you prepare for the ministry.

Dear Friend,

The Shepherds Training School at New England Baptist College is designed primarily for men who are in the second half of their life to be able to pastor, plant, or assist a fundamental Baptist Church.

  • The course is specially crafted for each applicant.
  • The curriculum is practical and necessary for ministry preparation.
  • The number of courses necessary will depend on the students past history and church involvement.
  • A degree will be granted upon the completion of the designed course requirements.
  • By taking a full schedule of classes the course can be completed in one to two years.
  • Successful placement for qualified men.
  • A highly qualified staff of pastors, with decades of experience, will teach the courses.

The world is undergoing a labor crisis. There are not enough workers entering the work force to meet the demand. This is also true for churches, and scores of churches are struggling to find qualified candidates.

Our in-person instruction will best prepare you for the ministry. Church ministry involvement and the experience of participating in a strong church will complement the course studies. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or with a phone call.

Perhaps the Lord can use you to fill this growing need.

New England Baptist College
1541 West Street
Southington, CT 06489

Practical & Biblical Training

The primary focus of your training at New England Baptist College is your knowledge of the Word of God. You must be equipped to rightly divide the Word and spiritually guide the flock. An important practical component is the experiences that come from observing day-to-day aspects of ministry. Our training program focuses on getting you involved in areas that will be a tremendous help to you as you lead the church. These include bus ministry, sound ministry, church administration and music ministry.

 Life Experience

We understand that God has given you life and ministry experience outside of the traditional classroom. In an effort to accelerate your training at The Shepherds Training School, we will work with you and your pastor to evaluate your life experience that can be counted for credit. The specifics of additional training needed to complete this certificate program will be customized to each student, but will focus on areas such as theology, preaching, biblical counseling and church finance.

The Need for Pastors

In 2022, the need for men to serve is at an all time high. We regularly hear of ministries throughout the United States and Canada that need a pastor. Many established churches need someone to step up and fill the vacancies that are being left by faithful men of God. According to a recent article by Baptist International Missions Inc, “Independent Baptists plant in any given year no more than 115 to 130 new churches nationwide. To keep up with the present population, we need to be planting 500 new churches per year.” Meanwhile, we know that many independent Baptist churches close each year. The need to replace pastors, missionaries, and church assistants will continue to grow in the future.

The question doesn’t center around “is there a need?” it centers on who is willing to go and meet that need? If you want to dedicate the rest of your life to full time Christian service, the Shepherds Training School may be the next step for you.


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