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As a first-year student attending NEBC you are offered the free-tuition scholarship. It’s offered as an encouragement to start strong and finish well. Find out more about applying to NEBC.

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New England Baptist College was founded with a desire to train young people to have a heart for God. Since 2004 we have been preparing pastors, assistant pastors, missionaries, secretaries, and school teachers. Are you ready to take the step and serve the Lord?

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Doing the will of God is the heartbeat of college life at New England Baptist College. Now is the time to develop the knowledge and skill you will need as you serve Him.

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Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions a young person will make in his lifetime. During college days, students often find their life’s mate and their life’s purpose. At New England Baptist College our purpose is to encourage students to give their hearts to God and to prepare them to make the right decisions in life.