Author: Bro Devin Bard

Bro. Bard was born into an unsaved home, but his family was reached through Central Baptist Church while he was a child. He attended Central Christian Academy and then New England Baptist College, earning a degree in Pastoral Theology. He currently preaches at churches, youth events, and Christian schools across the country. When he is not busy in the ministry he enjoys boating, hiking, and remodeling his house.
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College 101: How to Ace Your First Semester

After giving my family a good-bye hug I returned to my dorm room a little nervous and very excited to…

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Ideal Influencers: William Borden (Part 3)

Have you ever read about some great Christian of the past and thought — How is this guy even human!?…

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Ideal Influencers: William Borden (Part 2)

William Borden influenced thousands of people to step forward for God. That’s what the ideal influencer does — lead others…

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Ideal Influencers: William Borden (Part 1)

What would you think about a missionary who never made it to the mission field? Could he be a success?…

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A Prickly Situation

“Ouch! those thorns hurt!” What started out as a fun ride on an ATV became miserable once I found myself…

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Recipe for Sharing the Gospel through your Testimony

Each year at New England Baptist College we have a Christmas Banquet. A local restaurant caters the meal, but all…

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Verses to Use while Soul Winning

Knock, knock… Armed with the King James Bible and a handful of tracts, I waited at the door hoping no…